Homelessness  Issue is nowadays fast growing issue on a global level. Being Homeless is losing self-dignity & Social status in respective society. why do people become homeless? what is the reason behind it? why the UN or other International organizations is unable to handle this issue? Let’s gossip about this burning issue.

What is Homeless?

The global spread of homelessness is a significant concern, with estimates suggesting that there are over 150 million homeless individuals worldwide. The problem is particularly acute in developing countries, where economic hardship and political instability can exacerbate the issue. However, even in developed countries, homelessness remains a persistent problem, with many individuals and families struggling to make ends meet and find affordable housing. individuals or a family who have not enough income to complete the one of the basic need i.e. home it may called home less.

“being homeless is feeling like no on e care for you. being homeless is strong emotions that create hate for rest of world or people have at least home or have luxury life. without home you are zero” said Ashfaque, a Nigerian citizen who came in Mumbai for job.


Why We are becoming Homeless ?

There are many reason that globally this issue is burning now a days. globally there is no statically accurate data to solve homelessness issue. here are some reasons that people are becoming homeless.

Conflict/war –

we all knows perfectly that war is not a solutions between countries for any dispute. but we are on path of 4th world war. war happens because we need powers, sources to become strong and unreliable on global level. but this affect on people’s peaceful life. consist wars and attacks are being major issue of homeless people take a example of Nigeria.  the nations has no any strong natural resources itself. citizens in Nigeria is full of unliterary, poverty & un equality. warfare countries like Syria has large toll of refugees in other countries with hateful treatment.

Natural disaster –

Natural disaster like earthquake, high  floods are the major issue that force to citizen to abandon their home, country. as I discussed in my climate change post. this is a issue which is directly co -relate “homeless”. in the future frequency of natural disaster 1001% will increase. https://theamericangossip.com/lets-fight-to-climate-change/

Un affordable homes & Rent

The absence of affordable housing is another major cause. some people are unable to pay rent due to unaffordability.  some homeless people despite having a job, do not earn enough to be able to cover their rent, sometimes as a result of an increase in local housing costs.

What UN Thinks about homeless –

One of the major issues facing the UN in addressing homeless issue is the lack of affordable housing. which we already discussed above. In many parts of the world, the cost of housing has risen significantly, making it difficult for low-income individuals and families to find stable, affordable housing. The UN has called for increased investment in affordable housing and the development of policies that can help to address this issue.

Another major issue facing the UN in addressing homelessness is the lack of access to basic services such as healthcare, education, and job training. Many homeless individuals struggle to access these services, which can make it difficult for them to escape homelessness and regain stability in their lives. The UN has called for increased investment in these services, as well as efforts to address the root causes of homelessness, such as poverty and inequality.

Finally, the UN has also recognized the need to address the issue of homelessness in a holistic and comprehensive manner, taking into account the many different factors that can contribute to homelessness, including mental health, substance abuse, and domestic violence. The UN has called for increased investment in supportive services that can help homeless individuals address these underlying issues and regain stability in their lives.

homeless- a global issue, homelessness
Image showing seriousness of homelessness issue


With the special References of USA

We can found different numbers of homeless people in different federal government. there were 1.5 million homeless people count in USA in year 2014. the great depression of 1930 has set himself  as a milestone example. since that time US slowly but now a days speedily facing homeless issues. Addiction towards drugs and mental illness is also a social cause to increase high toll of homeless people in USA. failed in business partnership (by friend or relatives frauds) , Costs of Home are day by day increasing in metropolitan like New York etc., broken love and court matters of home-property are cause to homelessness in USA.  recently in a study; found that drugs addiction and mental illness is secondary cause than high range of home prizes.

What We should do ?

As a human being we found people who sleep on streets without any prevention from mosquitos and other bugs. lets help them with small steps.

  1. don’t throw food in a garbage if they are fresh or you don’t want to eat it. pack it well and make sure it is edible.
  2.  changes and create new ideas for these people. its means an USA citizen has hard dollar to fight any currencies. you must donate at least enough to your nearest NGO for people.
  3. you can donate cloth, fresh and clean water can and even donate happiness through your moral duty towards them.
  4. if you haven’t money or other bugs ti help them but still you want to help them ? don’t worry you can give them mentally courage, motivation through your words.

In short money not always plays hard roll in it. but your few sympathy words can made huge positive waves for them.