Eric Clapton says he will not play venues that require COVID-19 vaccinations, due to course he did





Famed musician Eric Clapton stated on Wednesday that he won’t carry out in any venue that requires viewers members to be vaccinated towards COVID-19.

“Following the PM’s announcement on Monday the nineteenth of July 2021, I really feel honor sure to make an announcement of my very own: I want to say that I cannot carry out on any stage the place there’s a discriminated viewers current,” Clapton wrote.

He was referring to an announcement from British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who acknowledged that beginning in September, individuals must present proof of COVID-19 vaccinations as a way to go to venues and nightclubs.

Initially, it’s extremely offensive to indicate that the unvaccinated are a persecuted minority. Positive, they’re a minority, in that they’re a part of a particular (and extremely harmful) class of dipshits. However they’re not persecuted a lot as deluded. If I don’t wish to be round you since you’re unvaxxed and strolling round with a snoot filled with demise virus, I’m not persecuting you. If something, you’re attacking me. It’s as if these people all awoke at some point final yr and determined not solely that drunk driving was cool, however that anybody who tries to persuade a drunk to surrender his keys is a pernicious fascist stomping on everybody else’s proper to drive right into a tree, lake, or pedestrian.

Clapton, after all, will not be alone. I’ve additionally needed to reassess my relationship with Van Morrison, whose bizarre anti-lockdown music has sullied what was as soon as an amazing profession.


And by now you’re all conversant in Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a lifelong Democrat whom I as soon as assumed was a superb and affordable dude. Now this distinguished anti-vaxxer is suing Daily Kos in a petulant effort to dox a Group member. 

Oh, and don’t get me began on Rob Schneider who—okay, I by no means gave a shit about Rob Schneider. Nonetheless, Douche Bigalow is on Group COVID-19, too—as are plenty of others

What ought to we make of those revelations? Perhaps the takeaway is just that admiration for artists and different celebrities ought to lengthen solely to their cultural contributions. Hey, it’s straightforward sufficient for me to surrender Clapton’s music, however Morrison’s (nonlockdown) tunes are more durable to pare from my playlists.

In the meantime, my very own sister not too long ago accomplished her Ph.D. in infectious illness from the College of Fb and has stumbled down extra bonkers rabbit holes than I can rely. She’d say that’s as a result of the COVID-19 vaccine retains me from counting previous 20, but it surely’s really extra to do with the practically infinite mistaken turns she’s taken. She additionally thinks these of us who bought the vaccine might be useless by fall, however that’s one other story.

We now have two Americas—blue vs. pink, Biden vs. Trump, reality-based vs. not, vaxxed vs. unvaxxed, and largely protected vs. fixin’ to get actually sick and/or die.

At this level, I’m undecided what to do with the “different” America, however I suppose it begins with refusing to patronize anybody from the pro-death cabal that’s so sure and decided to cull the herd.

So buh-bye, Eric. Your guitar licks had been legendary, however your opinions are fucking nugatory.

Paul and Ringo, when you’re listening, one bit of recommendation: In the event you suppose that vaccines result in autism, authorities thoughts management, or the kneecapping of our potential to identify embedded reptile individuals, preserve it to your self. I wish to get pleasure from “Blackbird” till the day I die—of one thing aside from COVID-19. 

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