Go Determine: Reid Makes False Declare About Manchin, Continues to Bully Him on Voting




Thursday evening on MSNBC, ReidOut host Joy Reid did what she does greatest in not solely peddling far-left propaganda, however present her deftness at mendacity and spewing hatred towards her opponents. And as has been the case for someday now, Reid continued her campaign towards Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) for not supporting the For the Individuals Act by falsely claiming he hasn’t met with so-called voting rights activists and African-American teams.

Sadly for Reid, she really needed to face somebody who’d debate her in a former Manchin aide and, when it didn’t begin off on the appropriate foot, she kvetched that Manchin gained’t come on her present.



“However up subsequent, Joe Manchin needs to singlehandedly resolve the way forward for voting rights for individuals of coloration. He’s making main concessions to Republicans, which may portend very unhealthy issues for different Democratic priorities,” whined Crimson in a tease.

Having already labeled him racist, sexist, and caring more about Jim Crow then America and voting, Reid again branded him as a Republican and a part of “the shady underbelly of GOP politics” as a result of he spoke to “billionaire donors” (which was really the reasonable group No Labels) concerning the filibuster.

Shifting to voting, Reid famous that Manchin’s try at a compromise includes “making Election Day a public vacation, banning partisan gerrymandering,” and nationwide voter ID, however rapidly dismissed it as a result of “[t]this is been a variety of skepticism about Senator Manchin’s function, to be trustworthy, and whether or not he’s taking part in above board.”

This set a relatively stacked deck for Jonathan Kott, who was a longtime Manchin aide and former communications director. Reid then went to him by claiming he’s by no means “discuss[ed] to the individuals who can be affected by voting rights, to, you understand, black lawmakers like Raphael Warnock, who, you understand — have gotten to run in these elections” and as an alternative “wealthy people.”

A fast Google search would have rendered this declare pants on hearth. On June 8, Manchin met with main Black organizations just like the NAACP, the Nationwide Motion Community (led by Al Sharpton), and the Nationwide City League.

However seeing as how Reid had additionally mentioned he’s a “southern Democrat…underboss” from a state of degenerates and sat by as a visitor said Manchin probably wanted all his colleagues lifeless on January 6, one would say her thoughts is clouded by hatred.

Nonetheless, Kott did his greatest and, when Reid interjected, she griped that Manchin gained’t discuss to her and thus Kott’s argument wasn’t legitimate (click on “develop”):

KOTT: He’s actually speaking to the individuals straight affected by the laws, the factor I discovered after a few weeks working for Joe Manchin and positively after seven years is he’ll actually discuss to anyone. His telephone doesn’t cease ringing. Largely, I might say, 90 % of the time, it is from 304 numbers in West Virginia as a result of, for those who’ve met Joe Manchin, you most likely have his mobile phone quantity. However he’ll discuss to anyone. That was one hour of his day. I am guessing he spent one other 15, 16 hours of his day speaking to different individuals. He works the aisle — either side of the aisle. He’s speaking to his reasonable Republican associates and that paid off this week while you noticed infrastructure come collectively. So, I do not assume it’s — he’s speaking to at least one group of individuals and never the opposite. It is simply an instance of him actually speaking to all people. 

REID: Properly, he — not all people as a result of we’ve tried to get him to come back on the present and discuss with us and he will not try this. He’s very selective concerning the TV individuals he’ll discuss to. He actually solely goes locations, I feel — I might say the place he — he feels that he will not should get into extra of a debate. However I’ll — I’ll maintain leaving that to my producers to attempt to get him to come back on. We’d love him to come back on right here. He will not do it. He gained’t even — he mentioned no.

KOTT: I’ll say, as his former communications director, he not often mentioned no to TV interviews, even after I tried to get him to say no. He did the whole lot from the Younger Turks to Sean Hannity, so he’s prepared to speak to anyone. However I’ll see what I can do.

REID: Give him a name.

KOTT: I’ll see what I can do.

REID: Yeah. See what you are able to do trigger he would love him come on right here. 

The Root’s Michael Harriot was additionally on-hand and he was extra prepared to inform Reid what she needed to listen to, trashing Manchin’s proposed compromise as “a lightweight model of the voter suppression payments that we’ve been seeing throughout the nation with just a few compromises thrown in that nobody was asking for.”

He additionally mocked the thought of voter ID, saying it could make as a lot sense as demanding blood checks or retina scans from individuals earlier than voting to ensure they’re not cyborgs or have the flexibility to go invisible and skirt by ballot employees.

Going again to Kott, Reid insisted that Manchin was losing his time (click on “develop”):

REID: And — and let’s be clear, Mr. Kott. It does not matter what Stacey Abrams would have mentioned. If she mentioned the invoice — the thought is horrible, he would have mentioned, that is why I do not prefer it both. You understand, there’s nothing — it isn’t about her. This isn’t nearly him. Is there any level to having bipartisan conversations about voting rights while you simply heard Mitch McConnell say, you’re going to get zero Republican votes? 

KOTT: I feel that is only a problem that Joe Manchin is completely satisfied to simply accept and he’s going to work tirelessly to see if he can get — 

REID: However has he —

KOTT: — his colleagues to — 

REID: — has he ever —

KOTT: — come onboard.

REID: — let me ask you, has he ever succeeded? As a result of he could not get it on gun reform. Hasn’t been capable of get it on anything. Has he ever really delivered ten Republican votes for something ever? Are you able to identify one factor?

KOTT: Six months in the past, he negotiated a bipartisan COVID deal that received billions of {dollars} to the state and he simply this week —

REID: I do not assume that was — that was on him? He will get the credit score for that? 

KOTT: — I’m not saying — I am not saying it is all him. You’re asking occasions that he’s negotiated and been a part of offers. That’s one of many occasions he was a part of it. He’s a part of a bunch of 20 senators that simply got here out with a bipartisan infrastructure bundle, so —

REID: What number of Democrats voted for that large COVID reduction invoice that gave individuals the stimmy? What number of Republicans voted for that? 

KOTT: No, I’m speaking concerning the one which handed in —

REID: I imply, they didn’t vote for it. 

KOTT: — I’m speaking concerning the one which handed in —

REID: — oh, the one which Trump did. 

KOTT: — in December, yeah.

REID: Yeah trigger none of them voted for the — none of them voted for any — they gained’t do — if it’s Trump, they’ll do something. I imply, they might lay down in entrance of a truck for Donald Trump. They’re — straightforward to get, you understand, Republicans to vote for one thing Trump’s going to signal. You understand, if the invoice was, you understand — 

KOTT: Positive.

REID: — to lock their moms within the basement, they — they’d vote for that.

With this fruitless effort over, Reid closed with Harriot, who informed her that “Republicans will not signal on to something” that Democrats would need on voting and thus “I don’t know why we’re on this fruitless effort and Joe Manchin is not going to get it accomplished as a result of he’s by no means, ever accomplished it.” 

Reid’s newest lie and act of struggle towards Manchin was made attainable due to the endorsement of advertisers reminiscent of Dove, loanDepot, and Roman. Observe the hyperlinks to see their contact data on the MRC’s Conservatives Combat Again web page.

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