Highlights of Trump’s Name With the Georgia Secretary of State




TRUMP: Are you certain, Ryan?

GERMANY: I’m certain. I’m certain, Mr. President.

TRUMP: What about, what concerning the, what concerning the ballots? The shredding of the ballots. Have they been shredding ballots?

GERMANY: The one investigation that we now have into that — they haven’t been shredding any ballots. There was a difficulty in Cobb County the place they had been doing regular workplace shredding, eliminating previous stuff, and we investigated that. However these items from, you understand, from, you understand, previous elections.

TRUMP: It doesn’t cross the odor check as a result of we hear they’re shredding 1000’s and 1000’s of ballots, and now what they’re saying, “Oh, we’re simply cleansing up the workplace.” Yeah.


RAFFENSPERGER: Mr. President, the issue you will have with social media, they — individuals can say something.

TRUMP: Oh, this isn’t social media. That is Trump media. It’s not social media. It’s actually not, it’s not social media. I don’t care about social media. I couldn’t care much less. Social media is Large Tech. Large Tech is in your facet, you understand. I don’t even know why you will have a facet, since you ought to need to have an correct election. And also you’re a Republican.

RAFFENSPERGER: We imagine that we do have an correct election.

TRUMP: No, no, you don’t. No, no, you don’t. You don’t have, you don’t have. Not even shut. You’re off by tons of of 1000’s of votes.


TRUMP: However the ballots are corrupt. And also you’re going to search out that they’re — which is completely unlawful, it’s extra unlawful for you than it’s for them as a result of, you understand what they did and also you’re not reporting it. That’s a legal — that’s a legal offense. And you’ll’t let that occur. That’s a giant danger to you and to Ryan, your lawyer. And that’s a giant danger. However they’re shredding ballots, for my part, primarily based on what I’ve heard. And they’re eradicating equipment they usually’re shifting it as quick as they’ll, each of that are legal finds. And you’ll’t let it occur and you might be letting it occur. You already know, I imply, I’m notifying you that you just’re letting it occur. So look. All I need to do is that this. I simply need to discover 11,780 votes, which is yet one more than we now have as a result of we received the state.