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Joni Mitchell Joins Neil Younger In Dumping Spotify As Protest Grows

Joni Mitchell joined Neil Younger in pulling her music off of Spotify in protest of the platform that includes COVID misinformer Joe Rogan.

The legendary singer/songwriter said in a statement, “I’ve determined to take away all my music from Spotify. Irresponsible individuals are spreading lies which are costing individuals their lives. I stand in solidarity with Neil Younger and the worldwide scientific and medical communities on this difficulty.”

The protest was started by Neil Young who pulled his music from Spotify as a result of the service was spreading lies and misinforming individuals about COVID by completely internet hosting Joe Rogan’s podcast.

Young and Mitchell were both inspired by a letter from 270 medical experts decrying the spread of COVID misinformation on Rogan’s podcast to listeners who have an average age of 24.

It might be nice to see extra present top-selling artists make the identical dedication to desert Spotify, however that’s unlikely to occur. The music business was on the point of collapse earlier than streaming. Report firms are thriving, however artists will not be. Musicians make about a half of a cent per stream, which for legends like Young and Mitchell adds up fast, but streaming also makes up 83% of all music sales revenue so the odds that top-selling artists and labels will join Young and Mitchell are slim.

Most significantly, Neil Younger and Joni Mitchell have knowledgeable hundreds of thousands of individuals of the position of Spotify in spreading COVID misinformation.

Their actions have led to customers canceling their accounts:

Firms received’t maintain Spotify accountable, however every consumer can by deleting their account and never coming again till the COVID misinformation is off of the platform.



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