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Lindsey Graham Rushes To Florida To Attempt To Get Mama McConnell And Daddy Trump To Cease Combating

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is speeding to Florida this week to attempt to finish the feud between Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump.

Video of CNN’s report on Graham going to Florida:

CNN’s Dana Bash reported:

Bash reported on CNN, “That’s proper. Simply the newest to go right down to Florida to speak to president trump. Now, the 2 of them acquired collectively loads whereas the previous president was within the White Home, {golfing}, and issues like that. We count on them to try this once more, however he’s going, I’m informed, with a really particular mission. That’s to be constructive with regard to the very actual combat between the previous president and Mitch McConnell, and the best way they wish to be constructive is by looking forward to 2022.”

It’s troublesome to consider that somebody as weak and ineffective as Graham might break up a combat between two kittens a lot much less Trump and McConnell.

Lindsey Graham does have one factor proper. The Republican Occasion will probably be doomed in 2022 if Trump insists on utilizing the midterm election to settle outdated scores with individuals like McConnell. Trump already value Republicans the Senate, and he might bury them for one more two years within the midterm election.

Donald Trump doesn’t care in regards to the Republican Occasion. He doesn’t care in regards to the Home or the Senate. Trump needs the GOP to burn to the bottom in order that he can play the savior in 2024.

Sen. Graham wants his political mommy and daddy to stop fighting, however the odds of Trump turning into a accountable mum or dad to his celebration are precisely zero.

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