Scare-Mongering Morning Joe: Drug-Addled Trump Has Nuke Codes!




Mud off the Daisy ad! Seems just like the liberal media is launching an assault on President Trump much like the one run in opposition to Barry Goldwater in 1964: that his management of the “nuclear codes” threatens the world!

On at the moment’s Morning Joe, JoeScarborough was “significantly” suggesting that Trump’s determination to droop talks on a brand new stimulus bundle was “the steroids speaking.”  It quickly transitioned to Scarborough asking Kasie Hunt whether or not she’s heard from Republicans apprehensive about Trump, given the virus-treatment medication he is been taking, and in the event that they’re “involved a few president appearing irrationally with the nuclear codes?” 


Hunt stated she did not have to take a position, as a result of a  New York Occasions article has reported that some in administration have [anonymously of course] expressed considerations. On Monday, the Los Angeles Occasions was hyping the Mayo Clinic noting “Corticosteroid-induced psychiatric disturbances are frequent,” and unwanted effects might embody “mania, despair, psychotic or blended affective states, cognitive deficits, and minor psychiatric disturbances (irritability, insomnia, nervousness, labile temper).”

Hunt ominously added that the truth that Joint Chiefs are quarantining “provides a layer of concern.”Joe Scarborough Kasie Hunt MSNBC Morning Joe 10-7-20

That is removed from the primary time that the liberal media has fretted over President Trump’s management of the nuclear codes. However they’re clearly reveling within the alternative to take a position about how the president’s remedy for COVID is likely to be impacting his decision-making.

The remainder of us surprise if it might be simpler to make the case that Scarborough spends an excessive amount of of his televised time showing to have “mania, despair, psychotic or blended affective states, and cognitive deficits” when he is fulminating concerning the president. 

Morning Joe’s scare-mongering about President Trump controlling the nuclear codes was sponsored partly by 
Safelite, USAA, Shark Vacuums, and Sleep Number.

This is the transcript.

Morning Joe
6:18 am EDT

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Maybe it was the steroids speaking, and, I am not joking, truly. Maybe it was the steroids speaking . . . Research have proven that one-out-of-three sufferers, COVID sufferers, have impaired psychological capabilities for fairly a while 
. . .   This mixture of steroids and different remedies, and there is one warning after one other on all these medication that it might trigger psychological impairment. 

. . . 

CAROL LEE: The entire cocktail of medicine that the president has been taking, raising the query of whether or not or not that has some kind of influence on his decision-making.

. . . 

SCARBOROUGH: [sighs] I simply surprise, as a result of I feel any physician that understands the influence of COVID on the psychological well being of sufferers . . . the medication that he is taken, with the steroids that he is on —

MIKA BRZEZINSKI:  — He is on dexamethasone

SCARBOROUGH: Have you ever heard any dialogue from Republican staffers, off-the-record from Republican legislators, from any Republicans in Washington, DC, that they’re a minimum of involved a few president appearing irrationally with the nuclear codes?

Not, not that: let me restate that. That the president who has the nuclear codes, that, that they’re involved a few president on this psychological state having the ability to run the nation?

. . . 

KASIE HUNT: I do not suppose I’ve to take a position, Joe. The New York Occasions has reported that there are White Home officers who’re involved concerning the president’s present, present, psychological standing due to the medication that he is taken . . . With the Joint Chiefs quarantining, that provides a layer of concern to this that’s notably problematic, Joe.