The dumbest man in Congress wonders about FBI’s function in planning Jan. 6 revolt. No, actually




Tucker Carlson, who’s going out of his way to kill as many people as he possibly can these days, can be floating outlandish theories—embroidered with a papery “simply asking questions” fig leaf manufactured from MyPillow filling discards—in a clear ploy to divert consideration from the scores of Trumpaloompas who besieged the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. 

You see, it wasn’t essentially Trump supporters who deliberate and carried out the revolt. It might have been FBI brokers! No, actually!

Why are you laughing?!

The Washington Post:

Carlson’s principle is basically that the presence of unindicted co-conspirators within the Capitol riot indictments means these individuals are authorities brokers and that this, in flip, means the FBI was involved in organizing the riot. The thought has since caught on with conspiratorially minded congressional Republicans.

Hmm, unindicted co-conspirators? Properly, in the event that they weren’t indicted, that would imply they’re being protected! Which implies they’re in all probability FBI brokers! If that logic fails to impress you, congrats. You and Louie Gohmert nonetheless share a typical ancestor, however it’s in all probability much more gibbon-like than you might ever think about.

Right here’s the gist of Carlson’s “argument,” with a partial transcript:


“However wait, right here’s the attention-grabbing factor: Particular person Two and Particular person Three had been organizers of the riot. The federal government is aware of who they’re, however the authorities has not charged them. Why is that? You realize why: They had been nearly definitely working for the FBI. So, FBI operatives had been organizing the assault on the Capitol on Jan. 6, in accordance with authorities paperwork.

“And people two should not alone. In all, Revolver Information reported there are, quote, ‘upwards of 20 unindicted co-conspirators within the Oath Keeper indictments, all taking part in numerous roles within the conspiracy who haven’t been charged for just about the very same actions, and in some instances, a lot, way more extreme actions as these named alongside them within the indictments.’ Huh? So it seems that this ‘white supremacist’ revolt was, once more by the federal government’s personal admission in these paperwork, organized not less than partly by authorities brokers.”

Uh, no, Tucker. None of that’s true. And you might have figured that out your self with only a smidge of workaday journa-lamism. 

The Washington Publish once more:

Authorized consultants say the federal government actually cannot name an undercover agent as an unindicted co-conspirator.

“There are a lot of explanation why an indictment would reference unindicted co-conspirators, however their standing as FBI brokers will not be considered one of them,” stated Jens David Ohlin, a felony regulation professor at Cornell Legislation College.

Added Lisa Kern Griffin of Duke College Legislation College: “Undercover officers and informants can’t be ‘co-conspirators’ for the needs of creating an settlement to violate the regulation, as a result of they’re solely pretending to agree to take action. … An unindicted co-conspirator has dedicated the crime of conspiracy, and investigative brokers doing their jobs undercover should not committing crimes.”

Wait, what? The speculation Carlson is floating is actually unimaginable? I assume which means his credibility is totally shot and Fox Information will hearth him ASAP. Whew! Glad we don’t should cope with the frozen halibut king for much longer.

So Carlson did his job. By “simply asking questions,” he was capable of inject some gooey nougat into the American political bloodstream, and it promptly acquired caught in considered one of Rep. Gohmert’s extra sclerotic mind arteries.

To wit:



GOHMERT: “So if there have been federal brokers that had been concerned on Jan. 6, we actually have to know what the FBI knew and after they knew it, and never solely that, we have to understand how a lot participation that any of our federal associates, both at DOJ, FBI, or any of the intel group, what sort of function had been they taking part in? As a result of there’s info that got here out concerning the effort to kidnap the Michigan governor, and there have been federal brokers, so it’s been stated, there have been federal brokers that had been concerned in that.”

Gee, possibly we do have to resolve this. How about establishing a bipartisan Jan. 6 fee? If we did that, we may lastly reply these all these vexing questions!

After all, Republicans have discovered that it takes scarcely a whiff of reality to impress their base—which has determined en masse that unicorn farts and fairy needs are the brand new lingua franca of the varied MAGA constituencies (i.e., poor clueless working folks and the plutocrats who disdain them). Tucker Carlson does a little bit of his shtick and the dumbfucks throughout the aisle all line as much as parrot it.

What can we do about it, aside from maintain up Gohmert Pyle as being sadly emblematic of the modern-day Republican Get together? Properly, there’s not a lot we are able to do about Carlson, who turns into a much bigger money cow for Fox with each contemptible lie he spews.

No, what we have to do is begin planning early for 2022, when we’ve got an opportunity to marginalize these nutters and set the nation on a extra sane course. If we don’t, put together for a Congress with a fair goofier gang of Gohmerts. 

Significantly, simply take into consideration that for a second. After which assume—for much greater than a second—about what we can do to forestall it.

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