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Trump Spent Almost $23,000 Per Additional Biden Vote In His Wisconsin Recount

In one other signal of simply how unhealthy Donald Trump is at managing cash, the outgoing president’s marketing campaign spent $3 million on a recount that really helped Joe Biden expand his lead in Wisconsin.

According to TMJ 4 Milwaukee, there was no fraud uncovered within the recount and Biden’s lead over Trump truly grew by 132 votes.

For these conserving rating at house, that interprets to about $23,000 that Trump’s marketing campaign paid for every additional vote that went into Biden’s column.

That quantity may fluctuate as Dane County, Wisconsin, which homes Madison, can also be holding a recount that’s anticipated to be accomplished on Sunday.

Trump is spending thousands and thousands of {dollars} to lose Wisconsin once more

Spending $3 million on a recount that has no probability of overturning the outcomes – and has even added to Joe Biden’s complete vote depend –  is fairly on-brand for Donald Trump.

In any case, his enterprise profession is filled with failed ventures, from Trump Airways to Trump Vodka to Trump Steak. In truth, if Trump’s identify was on it, chances are high the top outcome was a humiliating and generally hilarious failure.

His presidential marketing campaign has been no exception as Trump and his band of cartoon characters posing as attorneys have been laughed out of nearly each courtroom room they walked into.

Donald Trump is spending thousands and thousands of his supporters’ {dollars} to pressure recounts and file frivolous lawsuits that haven’t any probability of overturning Joe Biden’s decisive victory. The only function of Trump’s effort is to keep away from having to take any private accountability for yet one more failure.

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